Indiana New Play Festival


November 18-21, 2010
Rose Firebay, Ivy Tech John Waldron Arts Center, Bloomington

Novemeber 26-28, 2010
IndyFringe Theatre, Indianapolis

IndyFringe logo

719 E. St Claire St Indianapolis, IN 46202

The annual Indiana New Play Festival (INplay), presented by Starrynight Productions and IndyFringe, features two full length plays and two one act plays selected by blind adjudication and developed in the Script Development Series.

Over the past six months, these plays went through a script development series where actors would read the scripts and the audience would give feedback to the playwright. After several re-writes the scripts were then sent to adjudicators all over the country for evaluation. The evaluations were made via a blind adjudication process where the reviewer did not know the identity of the playwright. These four plays received the highest critiques and as a result, were selected for production in this year’s Indiana New Play Festival.

In addition to performances, INplay offers free theatre seminars by guest artists.

INplay Tickets

Advance tickets are $10 for adults, $8 for students; tickets are $12 for adults and $10 for students at the door on the day of the show. Tickets are available at the Buskirk-Chumley Box Office and may be purchases online here.

Bloomington, November 18-21

Rose Firebay, Ivy Tech John Waldron Arts Center
22 S Walnut St Bloomington, IN 47404

Indianapolis, November 26-28

IndyFringe Building
719 E. St Claire St Indianapolis, IN 46202

2010 INplay Schedule


Rose Firebay, John Waldron Arts Center

7:00 pm “Love and Hitchcock” by Derrick Krober
8:30 pm “Cinderella Dressed in Yellow” by April Smallwood

7:00 pm “A Country Drenched in Tears” by Cindy Kessler
8:30 pm “Uncertainty (or Imprecision)” by Nick Krohn

1:00 pm Seminar: Randy White on directing new plays
2:00 pm “Cinderella Dressed in Yellow” by April Smallwood
4:30 pm “Love and Hitchcock” by Derrick Krober
6:00 pm “A Country Drenched in Tears” by Cindy Kessler
7:30 pm “Uncertainty (or Imprecision)” by Nick Krohn

1:00 pm Seminar: Elaine Schatzline-Behr on acting in new plays
2:00 pm “Uncertainty (or Imprecision)” by Nick Krohn
4:30 pm “Love and Hitchcock” by Derrick Krober
6:00 pm “A Country Drenched in Tears” by Cindy Kessler
7:30 pm “Cinderella Dressed in Yellow” by April Smallwood


IndyFringe Building

7:00 pm “A Country Drenched in Tears” by Cindy Kessler
8:30 pm “Uncertainty (or Imprecision)” by Nick Krohn

1:00 pm Seminar: Jessie Dyer on make-up, hair and costume
2:00 pm Seminar: Chris Eller for headshots
3:00 pm “Uncertainty (or Imprecision)” by Nick Krohn *new time*
5:30 pm “Love and Hitchcock” by Derrick Krober
7:00 pm “A Country Drenched in Tears” by Cindy Kessler
8:30 pm “Cinderella Dressed in Yellow” by April Smallwood *new time*

1:00 pm Seminar: April Smallwood on playwrighting
2:00 pm “Cinderella Dressed in Yellow” by April Smallwood
4:30 pm “Love and Hitchcock” by Derrick Krober

Synopsis of the Plays

Uncertainty (or Imprecision) a full-length play by Nick Khron, directed by Amy Weisflog Moon

Uncertainty (or Imprecision) concerns the fates of three friends embarking on the most perilous of all endeavors in the modern world–internet dates.  They all have blind dates in the same bar on the same night.  Predictably, things go wrong, and help arrives in the form of two of the most brilliant minds of the 20th Century, but unfortunately, romance is not these geniuses area of expertise, nor is teamwork.

Cinderella Dressed in Yellow a full-length play by April Smallwood, directed by Tom Slater

Once upon a time in a far away kingdom (equipped with flat screen TVs and rock’n’roll music) there was a poor girl named Cinderella who was very mistreated by her wicked stepmother and stepsisters. But one day Cinderella’s fairy godmother (who happens to be a fantabulous drag queen) intercedes on her behalf by giving her some backless shoes and a limo so she can go to the ball. At the ball she meets her Prince Charming (who isn’t very charming) and falls madly in love with him (for some reason.) As Cinderella flees the ball at the stroke of midnight she leaves behind one of her glass slippers (it was backless after all) and the Prince uses it to find her (cause apparently he can’t just look at her face and know it’s her.) And if you want to hear the rest of the TRUE story of Cinderella come see the freakin’ show.

A Country Drenched in Tears a one act play written by Cindy Kessler, directed by Russell McGee

In the midst of a humanitarian disaster a team of medical professionals have left their homes and jobs behind, and are working tirelessly to help the people of a struggling nation defeat the odds and survive.  The team has seen disaster before, but rarely were the affected people grappling with such agonizing poverty before falling victim to catastrophe.  Holly Frey and Valerie Himmel, a pair of exceptional nurses, work with Dr. Blake Trenton in the effort to keep their patients alive with few supplies and against great adversity.  Like a light in the dark, the songs of a ruined nation lead the team to a better understanding of themselves, as well as forming a profound bond with the resilient people.

Love and Hitchcock a one act play written by Derrick Krober, directed by Russell McGee

Marital unrest, betrayal and attempted murder are at their most ridiculous when a certain book entitled “Alfred Hithcock’s Guide To Murdering Your Spouse” is thrown into the mix.

Bios of Guest Artists giving a Seminar

Jessie Dyer (Seminar on Make-up/Hair/Costumes) studied theatre at Indiana State University where she earned her Bachelor’s Degree while learning about collaboration and determination.  She went on to work at the Indiana Repertory Theatre in both the costume shop and ticket office.

Her other theatre activities have included work all over Indiana in stage and film as Costume/Hair/Makeup Designer, Board Member, Actor, Director, Improv Artist, Voice-Over Actor, pushing a broom, swinging a hammer and much more!

Jessie is a proud homeowner in Princeton and works for Old National Insurance during the week as well as working at Farmer’s Daughter on the weekends.  In her free time she likes to stare at a blank space on the wall and wonder, “what next?” or play with her dog, Lilly and cat, Yummy.

Jessie is directing the upcoming GCTC production of The One That Got Away.

Chris Eller (Seminar for Headshots) is the Education Director of Starrynight Productions.  Chris joined Starrynight Productions early in the creative process as a photographer creating promotional materials and capturing production stills for Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf and The Rocky Horror Show. He has spent several years providing photography services, through Chris Eller Photography, LLC, to a variety of local performing arts organizations including: Bloomington Playwrights Project, Monroe County Civic Theater, Windfall Dancers and Theatre South at Bloomington High School South. He later decided to put his theater education degree from Indiana University in 1999 to use as gaffer, electrician, and rigger on Starrynight’s feature film, The Babbling Banshee. Chris has recently expanded into writing screenplays for Starrynight’s Script Development Series. He is keeping busy working toward a masters degree at Indiana University developing skills and techniques in 3D cinematography while holding a full time job at the IU Advanced Visualization Lab.

Elaine Schatzline-Behr (Seminar on Acting in New Plays)

Elaine was born and raised in Detroit’s downriver suburbs. She is a product of the Catholic schools and is grateful for the great education she found there, as well as the introduction to theatre. Elaine attended Northwestern University for two years and then transferred to the Mason Gross School of the Arts at Rutgers University. She holds a BFA in acting and is Meisner trained. Her graduate degree from Northern Illinois University is an MFA in directing with a secondary emphasis on Meisner teacher training.

Elaine taught at Northern Illinois University and Indiana State University in their performance programs. She was the founder and artistic director of Chicago Cooperative Stage and still has days she misses the Chicago city skyline (but not the traffic). Her daughter, Clarisse, is also a Meisner trained actor, and lives in New York City. Tiny Tim, the cat, is Elaine’s very best friend.

Elaine loves the theatre and has been involved in it nearly every day since the fall of 1974. She is a director and an Equity actor, a teacher and a designer, an arts administrator and union stage manager, and an excellent theatre custodian. Elaine has never worked as master electrician for a production and would not rehire herself as a scenic designer. There are no other jobs in the theatre she has not done (Click here for Elaine’s full resume). She believes in the collaborative process of live theatre and all of the magic it makes possible- publicly with the audience, and privately in the lives of all who practice its crafts.

Come join us, enter stage right, and never exit.

April Smallwood (Seminar on Playwriting) is the Literary Manager of Starrynight Productions and served as a facilitator in the Script Development Series. She received her bachelors in Theatre and English at Indiana University. Her full-length play Right as Rain received its world premiere this spring from Innatevolution Theatre in Chicago. Her one act play Russ Miles was a finalist in the BloomingPlays Festival in Bloomington, IN this spring. April has had several short plays as well performed throughout Bloomington and Indianapolis.

Randy White (Seminar on Directing New Plays) is the Artistic Director of Cardinal Stage Company.  Randy has directed Inherit the Wind, Treasure Island, The Santaland Diaries, The Diary of Anne Frank, O Lovely Glowworm, Oliver!, A Crime in a Madhouse, Amadeus, Unveiling, A Year with Frog and Toad, and Our Town for Cardinal Stage Company. Originally from Canada, Randy received an MFA in directing from University of Alberta and has directed extensively across Canada and the US, including the off-Broadway productions of Max and Ruby and Underneath the Lintel and productions at Actors Theatre of Louisville (Humana Festival), Portland Center Stage, and Shakespeare Santa Cruz. Randy was an assistant on Broadway’s The Lion King. He has directed and/or taught at Yale, Penn, Fordham, The Guthrie and Indiana University and was resident director at New Dramatists in New York for two years. Randy currently lives in Bloomington with his wife, Ellen McKay who teaches Renaissance Drama in the English department at Indiana University and his son Graeme.

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