Starrynight Productions, LLC. is a small, independent film, audio theatre, and theatre production company based in Bloomington, Indiana. Founded in 2008 by Russell McGee, the company’s mission is to give area artists the opportunity for professional work and to create quality entertainment for our audiences.

A small band of artists and interested people have since joined McGee and together are steering Starrynight Productions’ future projects and overall development. While the company started in the familiar territory of theatre, our vision has shifted to the arena of film. In 2009, we shot our first feature-length film (now in post-production). We are currently developing numerous projects including a 3D short, a feature-length screenplay and workshops for the public. We have a keen interest in developing connections with area screenwriters, playwrights, film editors, sound engineers and anyone else who is interested in filmmaking, audio theatre, or theatre.

For additional information, please see our Contact page to get in touch with us!