Announcing Finalists for the Indiana New Play Festival

Starrynight Productions, in association with IndyFringe, is honored to announce the winners of the 2010 Indiana New Play Festival.

Uncertainty (or Imprecision), a full-length play by Nick Khron

This play concerns the fates of three friends embarking on the most perilous of all endeavors in the modern world–internet dates. They all have blind dates in the same bar on the same night. Predictably, things…… go wrong, and help arrives in the form of two of the most brilliant minds of the 20th Century, but unfortunately, romance is not these geniuses area of expertise, nor is teamwork.

Cinderella Dressed in Yellow, a full-length play by April Smallwood

Once upon a time in a far away kingdom (equipped with flat screen TVs and rock’n’roll music) there was a poor girl named Cinderella who was very mistreated by her wicked stepmother and stepsisters. But one day Cinderella’s fairy godmother (who happens to be a fantabulous drag queen) intercedes on her behalf by giving her some backless shoes and a limo so she can go to the ball. At the ball she meets her Prince Charming (who isn’t very charming) and falls madly in love with him (for some reason.) As Cinderella flees the ball at the stroke of midnight she leaves behind one of her glass slippers (it was backless after all) and the Prince uses it to find her (cause apparently he can’t just look at her face and know it’s her.) And if you want to hear the rest of the TRUE story of Cinderella come see the freakin’ show.

A Country Drenched in Tears, a one act play written by Cindy Kessler

In the midst of a humanitarian disaster a team of medical professionals have left their homes and jobs behind, and are working tirelessly to help the people of a struggling nation defeat the odds and survive. The team has seen disaster before, but rarely were the affected people grappling with such agonizing poverty before falling victim to catastrophe. Holly Frey and Valerie Himmel, a pair of exceptional nurses, work with Dr. Blake Trenton in the effort to keep their patients alive with few supplies and against great adversity. Like a light in the dark, the songs of a ruined nation lead the team to a better understanding of themselves, as well as forming a profound bond with the resilient people.

Love and Hitchcock, a one act play written by Derrick Krober

Marital unrest, betrayal and attempted murder are at their most ridiculous when a certain book entitled “Alfred Hithcock’s Guide To Murdering Your Spouse” is thrown into the mix.

These plays first went through a development reading series in which actors read the scripts and the audience gave feedback to the playwright. After several re-writes, the scripts were then sent to adjudicators all over the country. All readings were blind. These four plays received the highest critiques and will be featured this year in the Indiana New Play Festival in Bloomington, IN at the Rose Firebay in the Ivy Tech John Waldron Arts Center from November 18-21 and in Indianapolis at the IndyFringe Building from November 26-28.

April Smallwood
Literary Manager
(502) 648-5253

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