The Babbling Banshee

Filming on location at the Irish Lion in Bloomington, Indiana. Photo by Chris Eller Photography.The Babbling Banshee was Starrynight Productions first feature film. It was shot in 2009 and was written and directed by Russell McGee and stars Roy Sillings and Ryan Adam Wells.

The Babbling Banshee is the tale of Ryan and Bryan O’Brien, two Irishmen from County Cork, Ireland.  Ryan O’Brien is a homeless storyteller that weaves tales of leprechauns and faery folk spiced with half-truths from his life.  Bryan O’Brien, by contrast, is a bartender that seems to have his life well in order and runs the successful Irish pub, the Irish Lion.  Bryan humors Ryan nightly with free alcohol from the bar as they battle in banter and wrestle in wits over a game of chess but what ties bind this mismatched pair together?  Deep seeded scars unravel as Ryan and Bryan face the babbling banshee.

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