January 26, 2013

AUDITIONS: Actors & Extras Needed for Web Series

PSA: AUDITIONS: Starrynight Productions is seeking talent to cast in a web series entitled “Silence”, which will be filmed throughout Indiana beginning in March.  We will be casting one of the lead roles through this audition, extras, and a few other supporting speaking roles.  If you would like to audition, please e-mail your name, phone number, gender, and age to rusmcgee “at” for more information.


WHO: Starrynight Productions

WHAT: “Silence” Web Series Auditions

WHERE: Indiana University Telecommunications Building Room # T245, 1229 East 7th St. Bloomington, IN 47405

WHEN: Auditions: Saturday, February 9th from 12 to 4 pm

More Information:

“Silence” Synopsis:

New York (1927) – a Vaudeville team, realizing that Vaudeville is on the way out, decides to produce their first film: “King Lear”.  However, on the set of “King Lear” a random garbage man stumbles into their film and turns their drama into a slapstick comedy.  The comedy is a huge success and the company is faced with finding this garbage man to repeat their success and reap the riches or whether it is more important to them to pursue their art.

Actors Needed:

IVAN PIOTR IVANOVICH: age (30-40) Ivan fled his homeland during the Russian revolution and he frequently expresses his nostalgia for Mother Russia.  He especially misses his aristocratic lifestyle, to the point of annoyance within the group. Ivan is hard headed and well educated, which leads to many disputes within the group regarding artistic integrity and success. He favors his artistic integrity over everything else and believes that art must be pure, and done for its own sake, and the beauty of art should be its own reward.  Ivan studied his acting craft with Stanislavski. Ivan oftentimes thinks he is, and would like to be the one in charge, his actions prove that he does not have what it takes to be a successful leader.

Newspaper Man 1 (Male): age (25-40)

Newspaper Man 2 (Male): age (25-40)

Newspaper Woman (Female): age (25-40)

5 Newspaper Reporters (Male or Female): age (25-40)

10 Vaudeville Patrons (Male & Female): age (20-60)

Garbage Man (Male): age (27-45)

Little Girl: age (7-11)

Mother: age (25-35)
Little Boy: age (7-11)

Older Brother: age (9-12)
15 – 20 Film Patrons (Male & Female): age (20-60)

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