Rocky Horror Show

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John Waldron Arts Center

122 S. Walnut St.
Bloomington, IN 47401

October 15-18, 22-25 and 27-30 @ 8:00 pm


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General Admission $12
Students/Seniors $9

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General Admission $15
Students/Seniors $12

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This production has been an absolute blast! We have a brilliant script and an equally brilliant cast and crew, which has only made this process that much more enjoyable to work on. We hope this Rocky Horror experience lives up to audience expectations and yet still has a few new surprises to keep you guessing.

Conceptually, I have not tampered too much with the established cult elements of this production–for fear that the audience may lynch me. All joking aside, our production has one notable difference for fans of Rocky Horror. Instead of the stodgy narrator that only comments on the action of the play, we have a horror movie host hosting the play within the play. Werewolf movie host, Don “Wolfman” Chaney, not only comments but interacts with the audience and world of the play in the camp tradition of Sammy Terry and Mystery Science Theater.

Can you tell I love B-movies? I love them so much that a dear friend and I meet weekly for a Monday movie night, where we watch anything from Brazil to Playgirls Meet the Vampire. The latter type of film we mock mercilessly over martinis and Trisquits. I mention this because I know every film referenced in the song “Science Fiction Double Feature” and have found directing this production in the camp tradition to be more fun than I’ve had in years.

We hope that you will also enjoy this camp classic and wish you a happy Halloween.

–Russell McGee, Artistic Director, Starrynight Productions

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Brad Hayden Moore
Janet Alana Cheshire
Don “Wolfman” Chaney, the Narrator Derrick Krober
Riff Raff Daniel J. Petrie
Magenta Danielle Sacks
Columbia Stephanie Feeley
Frank ‘N’ Furter Ryan Adam Wells
Rocky Robert Ping
Eddie Xavier Brooks
Dr. Scott Aaron Moon
Phantom #1 Charlotte Bashner
Phantom #2 Devin Pogue
Phantom #3 Nicole Zausmer
Phantom #4 Emily Mohler
Phantom #5 Amy Leigh Abelson
Phantom #6 Mickey Woods
Heckler #1 Anthony Wayne
Heckler #2 Elijah Willis
Heckler #3 Reggie Provine

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Director Russell McGee
Asst. Director Nick Krohn
Musical Director Shani Wahrman
Choreographer Tom Slater
Dance Captain Nicole Zausmer
Fight Choreographer Ryan Adam Wells
Stage Manager Tyler Hill
Asst Stage Manager Sarah Mae Ruggles
Band Director Ryan Adam Wells
Set Designer James Fairwell
Costume Designer Nicole Zausmer
Hair/Make-up Megan Flynn
Lighting Designer Nate Stanger
Sound Design Nick Krohn

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Coming soon!