Filming to Begin Saturday

Cast and crew will begin filming The Babbling Banshee on Saturday, January 31st. Russell McGee adapted his stage play for the screen and convinced stars Roy Sillings and Ryan Adam Wells to reprise their rolls as Ryan and Bryan O’Brien.

The stage play was in development for two years, during the course of which, the play was produced three times before giving way to a screenplay. In revising for film, Banshee underwent significant changes not in the story but in the telling. The cast has grown from two to over a dozen. As the tales are acted out, audiences will get to see Molly, the leprechaun and the banshee on screen.

Production meetings started in December and location scouting occurred into the new year. McGee, who will serve as director and producer, handpicked the cast and has been rehearsing with them on weeknights. Auditions for extras were held yesterday.

Shooting locations are scattered about Southern Indiana. Although most of the cast and crew are from the Bloomington area, a number are traveling from out of state.

The website will be updated soon to include a complete cast and crew list. A notice will be posted on the blog and on Twitter when such information is available.

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