Lighting a Church and a Castle, Wow!


The court of Cormac MacArt. Photo by Yvonne Avery.

The court of Cormac MacArt. Photo by Yvonne Avery.

Well, weekend #2 had a wild plan and we actually stuck to most of it.  It began with a castle in Loveland, Ohio and ended with a church in Bloomington.  We would have capped it all off with a cemetery in Bloomington if not for a few circumstance out of our control.


The castle, Chateau Laroche, was incredibly interesting.  The ambient lighting was actually rather in character, so I just decided to reinforce the light a bit and hint at a massive hearth out of frame for most of the interior shots.  We used direct lighting with red and orange gels for the great hall scene as well as one other scene.  Never you mind the decorations on the wall, Jason kept those out of frame for the actual filming.

The outdoors filming worked out well with the direct sunlight and some help from a large zebra (gold/silver) reflector for a little help opening up the shadows.

On to the church in Bloomington.  We filmed a few scenes at Trinity Episcopal Church on Kirkwood Avenue in downtown Bloomington.  For the church interiors, I wanted to go with a feelingThe church scenes.  Photo by Yvonne Avery. of the Light of God, if you will.  So, I broke out the 1kW Molequartz Broad (nice, even light) and hoisted it up high in the sanctuary for long shots down the aisle.  We used a pair of zebra reflectors to help direct the light for some of the scenes.

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