Things Overheard About Yesterday’s Filming

While not directly involved with yesterday’s filming, I manage to hear quite a bit. I’ll list some things here and perhaps others can jump in and clarify or correct me. Locations (all Southern Indiana): town of Gosport, bridge on private property near Johnstown, Rose Hill Cemetery, and Jug Rock in Shoals. Some local color happened [...]

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An American in Dublin

One name will appear in the credits under “Dublin Unit:” Ryan Powell. The tape survived security scans and Russell seemed happy with the footage. Many thanks to Ryan for doing a little filming for us while he was vacationing in Dublin!

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Two Join Our Army of Darkness I’d like to welcome bloggers Jessie Dyer, Costumes, and Jason Harris, Cinematography, who will hopefully some find time to dazzle us all with their witty insights on the production very soon. The Case of the Missing Cast List Erm, yes, I’m aware that an official Banshee film page has [...]

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