Things Overheard About Yesterday’s Filming

While not directly involved with yesterday’s filming, I manage to hear quite a bit. I’ll list some things here and perhaps others can jump in and clarify or correct me.

  • Locations (all Southern Indiana): town of Gosport, bridge on private property near Johnstown, Rose Hill Cemetery, and Jug Rock in Shoals.
  • Some local color happened in front of a bar in the streets of Gosport after filming was done. Otherwise, the residents and town police were very supportive. Thank you, Gosport!
  • Roy is acrophobic and wasn’t thrilled about crossing a high metal bridge with open slats on the foot path. However, because it was too dark to really see and the crew put down some ply board, he didn’t have to much trouble with that scene. I did hear that Roy couldn’t move well in his leprechaun costume and that he was asked to jump off of a fallen tree over and over. Poor guy!
  • I heard that the Banshee was awesome and that Shani completely nailed it, even if she was virtually blind during most of her scenes (I’m blind without my glasses too, my sympathies, Shani!).
  • Austin got stuck in the mud when leaving the bridge for the next location, which got Russell stuck. And then Chris nearly got mud in his face when he pulled up to render assistance.
  • Russell and Chris procured top soil for the interns to recreate a simulate a freshly-dug grave at Rose Hill Cemetery.
  • Russell was very happy with the work done but was understandably exhausted after being awake for over thirty hours straight (as was probably the rest of the hard working men and women of Banshee).

That’s all I’ve got. Any more rumors? Confirmed stories?

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