Two Join Our Army of Darkness

I’d like to welcome bloggers Jessie Dyer, Costumes, and Jason Harris, Cinematography, who will hopefully some find time to dazzle us all with their witty insights on the production very soon.

The Case of the Missing Cast List

Erm, yes, I’m aware that an official Banshee film page has yet to appear on the Starrynight website. I have about three-quarters of cast/crew info I need. When the site is updated, you can be sure that it will be announced here.

Castle Aaaaaagh…

Loveland Castle, Ohio

Loveland Castle, Ohio. Note the lack of snow. Photo by Jenny McGee.

I had to miss out on filming last week and I will miss out this weekend too due to a long-standing engagement (seeing Spring Awakening in Columbus) but I hope everyone has a good time on location! The castle (and its history) is very cool. And you’ll have it all to yourselves.

The Cormack MacArt tale is probably my favorite of the bunch. I’m looking forward to seeing how Russell integrates animation with the live action filmed at the castle.

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3 Comments on “Miscellany”

  • Just looking at this castle gives me goose bumps! Sammy is looking forward to filming at this location! Castle, and swords are his passion! This weekend should be filled with interesting stories from road trips to rooming together to filming adventures! Can’t wait! I’m sure there are bound to be some good rooming together stories. Hopefully no one in my bunk snores…I’m liable to report!

  • Wow, that is a good looking castle, it’s very castle-esque! Can’t wait to light parts of it.

  • I just want to report that the castle was beyond words! It was an amazing location for filming, and the weather was beautiful. We couldn’t have asked for much more! Well other than heat at 6:00 a.m! Everyone has been so wonderful. Feasting on chicken in a Castle at 9:00 in the morning is something I never thought I would be doing! It was a blast! After a morning of filming in this spectacular castle it was off to Bloomington, where filming took place in an equally amazing church!
    It was awesome arriving there to see all of the extras in the pews anxiously awaiting the wedding scene! All of the girls were lovely.
    I have to say how impressed I am with Megan and her design of the Leprechaun makeup and mask! Fantastic job!

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