The Ancient Art of Contorting your body (A.K.A. Independent Cinematography)

Thank goodness for remembering to breath and not breath because I frankly hate tripods as many of you may have noticed. Tripods are for news people. If we wanted stale shots we’d be making a romantic comedy. You can argue that the shots wouldn’t shake so much, which I counter with, neither do I, only [...]

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Two Join Our Army of Darkness I’d like to welcome bloggers Jessie Dyer, Costumes, and Jason Harris, Cinematography, who will hopefully some find time to dazzle us all with their witty insights on the production very soon. The Case of the Missing Cast List Erm, yes, I’m aware that an official Banshee film page has [...]

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Lighting: Technical Gotchas and Solutions

Ok, the title sounds way cooler than what this post will be about and I apologize in advance for that. The first big gotcha I ran into as the gaffer was the missing power adapter for our lighting control board.  I have to say that this was a bit of a butt clencher at first, [...]

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