The Ancient Art of Contorting your body (A.K.A. Independent Cinematography)

Thank goodness for remembering to breath and not breath because I frankly hate tripods as many of you may have noticed. Tripods are for news people. If we wanted stale shots we’d be making a romantic comedy. You can argue that the shots wouldn’t shake so much, which I counter with, neither do I, only a little bit. I feel like last weekend went really well considering we’re all rather green to productions on this scale. Which, may look small, but is actually about right for a indie flick. The PAs are doing a great job, and hopefully they’ll keep their enthusiasm to freeze their asses off, and be made to stand in statuesque poses to achieve something awesome. I feel like we’ve accomplished quite a bit in one weekend, especially considering we’re keeping the camera moving, and have to deal with that soulless whore mother nature. I look forward to this weekend and hopefully I’ll get pinned down in some awkward position … that doesn’t involve 3 inmates standing over me. LET’S MAKE INDIE MAGIC!

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