Banshee Caption Contest, Take 1

Yvonne has a talent for capturing critical moments in the creative process.  Your job is to caption this image.  This is Writer/Director Russ McGee and Director of Photography Jason Harris on location filming “The Babbling Banshee”.  What’s YOUR caption?

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On location lighting; drunkards and Banshees on bridges

Our second to last day of filming was definitely a challenge.  Our first two shots were on location in Gosport and an abandoned railroad bridge in far southern Owen County. First Gosport.  We had cooperation from the local police and were able to tap the community gazebo for power.  We lit a drunk Ryan O’Brien [...]

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Things Overheard About Yesterday’s Filming

While not directly involved with yesterday’s filming, I manage to hear quite a bit. I’ll list some things here and perhaps others can jump in and clarify or correct me. Locations (all Southern Indiana): town of Gosport, bridge on private property near Johnstown, Rose Hill Cemetery, and Jug Rock in Shoals. Some local color happened [...]

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